We are a leading-edge Information Technology services company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh specializing in providing solutions with hundreds of cross-industry capabilities both in Bangladesh and overseas.

Our approach is ‘360-degree coverage’ of customer needs through our offering, our products are Platform and Database agnostic, web and mobile friendly that meets the demand of time.

Why Oditio?

  • All-encompassing product that are designed with rich Functionality, High Availability, Manageability and Security in mind
  • All our products are built on MVC frameworks that follows a complete Object-Oriented multi-tiered Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
  • Our products are easily maintainable and deployable in any database and network environment
  • Powerful architecture makes it scalable so that you can seamlessly upgrade to next version without costly staff retraining or data conversion, as your business expands
  • Easy to integrate with any 3rd party application through comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API)